Thank You RituparnoDa.

It’s not like that I have watched all his movies. Nor it’s like I have read his biography. I know him only through a single movie, but it’s enough to adorn a sense of respect towards him. On May 30, 2013 when I was having dinner scanning through television channels, I came across the news of his death. I was extremely flabbergasted, my body stood still for a while and my thoughts migrated from present day to two years back when I was watching his movie named “Memories in March”.

It was the first movie of its kind I had watched, the movie which you may label it as “An Art Film” or to put in more sophistical “Parallel Indian Cinema”. After watching the film, I realized what exactly a movie is. Till then, I had seen only ‘action’ or ‘comedy’ or ‘mystery’ or ‘thriller or ‘romance’ or anything else majority of which were devoid of emotions. In those lists of movies, actors were just technical robots who performed because they were paid for having no devotion towards the character of that role. This is the reason why critics pan majority of the current Bollywood movies as they don’t live to the expectations. This is again the reason why vulgarity, costly locations, item songs have become a part and parcel of B-Town because they don’t deserve a single word of praise that is purely based on story.

Rituparno belonged to that category of film-makers who stick firmly to their principles and don’t deviate from them beyond acceptable limits. His main motto was to project a new, good, elegant and heart touching story which we would term it as ‘out of the box’. That’s why he bagged 12 national awards even before turning 50.

I would classify him among those film industry legends who, unfortunately, passed away very early. Another such example is Late Smita Patil who left us when she was only 32. But till then, she had received Padmashri Award, 2 National Awards and 3 Filmfare Awards which is sufficient to prove her exceptionally brilliant persona.   If such people would have lived longer, they would have changed the face of Bollywood into something more meaningful and better. I bow down to all such people and thank them for their marvelous contributions to the arena of film-making.