Session on Open Source Projects in Image Processing @ TCET

I was invited for a guest lecture at Thakur College of Engineering (TCET), Mumbai on the domain of image processing. The attendees were final year students of Computer Engineering. During the preparation phase, I went through the revised syllabus of Mumbai University to check what knowledge they already had on the subject. To my surprise, there wasn’t any subject allotted to this field. When I was studying engineering, there was a full-fledged compulsory subject in semester 7 which now, they moved it to the elective section. Based on my experiences while learning the subject, I was pretty sure no-one would have opted for it.

I started the session with my introduction and my journey through open source. My aim was to give them the idea of what image processing is and then dive into open source projects in that area. I explained them the basics of digitization and briefly guided through the steps of image processing. I made sure I am including sufficient examples in each step in order to give them the proper analogy.

Then my next section was “Research areas in Image Processing”. First topic in the section was “Biomedical Imaging” where I explained how a skin cancer named “melanoma” can be detected using image processing. Next topic was “Video Analysis” where I showed them a demo of its procedure. Next was “3D Reconstruction of Underwater Scenes” where I explained how points are mapped. Final topics in this section were GIS and Autonomous Robotics.


Next Section was the “Applications”. I explained them the IRIS project which is used in various fields like Biometrics. Also I spoke in brief about how Hubble Space images are transformed into attractive pictures. Last section was about “Open Source Projects in Image Processing” where I explained Open CV and ITK. Finally, I spoke a bit about how artificial intelligence and image processing are related to each other and their significance in research domain.

I thank the authorities of Thakur College and Rahul Kanojia (CEO, Diplomads) for providing an opportunity for students to explore in different domains and also giving me another good platform to represent myself.


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