Open Source Event at Saboo Siddik College

I was invited to deliver a session on Open Source at Saboo Siddik Polytechnic Institute. Being a Mozilla Rep, it was an opportunity to present myself and advocate Mozilla at another renowned institute. The event was scheduled on February 18, 2016 from 4pm to 6pm. The ambiance of the college was totally different than what I was accustomed of seeing till then. A different culture, different ethics but aimed at the common goal, i.e. student development and excellence.

After a brief introduction about myself, I began with the session. My motto was to spread awareness about FOSS, Linux and Mozilla. Fortunately, the diploma students had a rough idea what open source is actually about. I dwelled into more by briefing the history of open source, mentioning the acts carried out by Richard Stallman. I spent a good amount of time explaining the advantages of open source to students and professionals, thereby, encouraging them to extend their knowledge to the open source projects.

I then, jumped into Linux. Briefing the history about the UNIX and explaining them the pros of using such Open Source Operating System, I shifted to Mozilla. In this section, I introduced the Mozilla Community, introduced various project domains of Mozilla including Firefox, Thunderbird, WebMaker. I explained on how to get started into Contributing to Mozilla by spanning through WhatCanIDoForMozilla, Firefox Student Ambassador Program, Bugzilla and Bug-Fixing Process (Showing a sample bug), Github repository and how to commit changes. Lastly, I dwelled into Community building factors and encouraged students to start a Firefox community in their institute.

I feel blessed that I am getting such opportunities to present myself at a wider platform. Thanks to Rahul (CEO, Diplomads) and Akshay (Diplomads member) for believing in me and entrusting such good responsibilities.


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