FOSS- a pathway towards good career.

I was invited to give a session on importance of Open Source for students seeking for a good career. The entire program was scheduled for two days, organized by Rahul Kanojia (Diplomads) and sponsored by MSBTE and BOAT. The audience of the program were engineering and diploma students, Training and placement Officers of various institutes. Venue was Thakur Polytechnic College, Kandivali. The speakers along with me in the panel for the day were Mr. Roy Charles (who has been a consultant & trainer for more than two decades. He was Director of IPSER India), Mr. Aniruddha Joshi (an employee of Oracle Finance Solutions). In parallel, I was requested for one very short session on Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks to Final Year Diploma Students. Since I had done a good research on Artificial Intelligence (including a publication in an international journal), the organizers requested me to share my knowledge in the domain. I reached college by 10 am. After a brief discussion over a cup of tea with the principal of the college and Mr. Roy, we headed towards the seminar hall. The day began with our introduction and felicitation.

The first session was conducted by Mr. Roy who started off by explaining the current job trends and approach of overall companies towards engineers. Roy sir is an eminent speaker and have achieved pinnacle in field of training. His way of conducting the session, the delivery of idea and the technique of gathering students’ attention is something I would always admire. Meanwhile, I was called for the parallel session. I interacted with Final year students, discussed their project ideas and also shared my knowledge in the domain of AI.

After a 20 minutes brisk talk, I headed towards the auditorium for my session. Meanwhile, Roy sir had just finished the talk and Rahul introduced me to the audience.

I began my session explaining the importance of placements and my experiences in the field. I went through all the major placements procedures and showed a video which depicted how an interviewee should behave. Then I jumped to Open Source. I explained the concept, importance and benefits. I could sense a spark on the face of students. Many of them were expert in a domain but never got any platform to showcase their talent. I introduced Mozilla, few contribution areas. I also summarized my journey as a contributor and then as a Rep.

I received a huge applause and noticed many students and professors taking pics of my slides where they found valuable info. After the session, students personally met me seeking for some guidance in their career.

Challenge I faced: The event was undoubtedly, on a very large scale and representing Mozilla and myself in front of such huge, experienced and talented crowd was a good opportunity accompanied with increased butterflies in my stomach. This was the event where I was in front of various colleges’ students and professors. So, any nuisance would have created a bad impression of mine and of Mozilla community. Hence, it was a major responsibility on my shoulders. Also, I had to cumulate my experiences and present to students in a very concise way. That required a lot of preparation

Success: After the talk and even today, many students and professors are in touch with me. I am able to portray myself as a responsible contributor and as someone from whom the newbies can seek guidance.

I would like to thank Diplomads and the authorities of Thakur College for giving students a platform to learn and decipher many things on training and placements.

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