First Event by Mozilla Mumbai in 2015

                        As a Mozilla presence organizer, I feel very proud to state that 2015 began with a huge pomp for Mozilla Mumbai with the very successful Codebase Bootcamp held on Jan 11. The inception was set in by Rigved Rakshit (who is working with Directiplex as Linux System Administrator) and it propagated to Mozilla Mumbai community through Akshat Kedia. I immediately undertook the responsibility of organizing the event so as to gain altogether a new experience. We started planning the budget, food, registration and shortlisting procedure. Talks was not a problem as we had been through the codebase since beginning, hence a separate preparation was not required.

I created an event page on the Mozilla Reps portal. I posted the link on my college and school groups. One or two days later, I was amazed to see my mailbox flooding with requests to participate. That eagerness boosted us to quickly create a registration form and allow people to register. We decided to order food from Merwan’s , Joey’s and localbanya. Dealing with all the three was very hectic experience and I had to visit each of the place after my college in the evening. A week before the event proved to be very hectic managing with all three. So, finally, I placed the orders and kept a periodic follow up with all of them to ensure confirmation.

On the day of the event, I reached the venue by 8.30 am. Few participants were already there. I interacted with them with a curiosity to know their background. Meanwhile Akshat and Rigved arrived. The consignment from localbanya was received and those juices and snickers were served to the participants. The event started with an introduction from participants side which included their domain and awareness about Mozilla. Akshat quickly introduced the various steps of codebase right from selecting appropriate OS till getting the working copy of the source code locally. Then the participants were told to demonstrate on their systems. We distributed the mercurial bundle and suggested them to carry out the future steps. This took a considerable amount of time. We were roaming throughout the hall to solve the doubts. Few participants were lucky enough to achieve ‘unbundling’ perfectly without any errors. Few had built the code already. In rest of the cases, build time varied from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the system configuration.

Meanwhile, Joey’s Pizzas were delivered and we suggested participants to proceed for lunch. Post lunch, all of us resumed our work. Participants scanned the bugsahoy page while waiting to get the build completed. Many of them called us to help finalizing their first bug. I told them to drop a comment, specifying your interest, and get in touch with the mentor on IRC. Few participants were fortunate enough to get ‘Replace ABC with XYZ’ kinds of bugs. Next step was creating a patch which included all the mercurial queue operations. We made sure all are comfortable with ‘hg’ commands.

By 3.30 pm, I and Akshat went to Merwans to get the previously ordered snacks. Participants staying far away left the venue by 4-4.30 with a promise that they would continue their contribution to Mozilla. Finally the bootcamp was called off by 6.45 pm. We had a group pic before leaving. Many thanked me, Akshat and Rigved for organizing the camp that helped them getting started with codebase. I could see satisfaction and confidence on their faces which was the motto of bootcamp.

We had around 7-8 patches uploaded on different bugs. It was only due to the difference in time zones that mentor couldn’t review the patch immediately, otherwise we would have got those many bugs Resolved-fixed. So, i consider this camp as a successful one. I would like to thank Akshat and Rigved for helping enormously in realizing the concept of bootcamp. Also, a vote of thanks to Manish, Abhishek, Purvesh and Augustine for attending the event and helping participants. Hence, Mozilla Mumbai took a succesful start in 2015.

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