Introduction to Mozilla @ V.J.T.I.

New contributors for Mozilla and a new opportunity for V.J.T.I. students

            One month before, I had dreamt of introducing Mozilla to V.J.T.I. students. Since this college is considered as one of the best in Mumbai, my aim was to give those students an excellent opportunity to improve their profile. But things weren’t working as expected. I discussed with teachers, but couldn’t come upon a date to conduct the event. So, I approached Prof. Varshapriya, who is assistant professor and head of Computer Society of India (C.S.I.) – V.J.T.I. community. It was due to her immense efforts that the event was converted from dream to reality. I owe her a lot of gratitude. A vote of thanks to Dr. G. P. Bhole, Head of Department of Computer Engineeing at V.J.T.I., for encouraging the concept of seminar and giving necessary permissions and approvals.

Within a day, the publicity was done, the seminar hall was booked and all the technical arrangements were made. Many of my M.Tech colleagues came forward to help me out with setting up the projector, mike and inviting audience. I really owe you all a lot. I had bitter experiences in friendship few months back. But you all made me realize that there are friends in true sense who actually care for others and contribute for their progress. All the students from M.Tech first year (from all three specializations), many students from B.Tech and also many from M.Tech Second Year made their presence with equal enthusiasm. My joy knew no bounds when few professors graced the event with their presence.

So, at 3.00 pm, I started the event. I began my talk with following topics:

  1. My introduction
  2. What is open source and FOSS? Story behind it
  3. Benefits of contributing to Open Source
  4. What is Mozilla.
  5. Contribution Areas (Supporting both developers and non Dev)
  6. Overview of localization projects
  7. Overview of Documentation
  8. Overview of Bugzilla contribution
  9. What is Firefox OS. Benefits from developer side as well as consumer side.
  10. Motivation to contribute to Mozilla.
  11. Thank you note giving my contact details.

At the end of the event, Prof. Varshapriya gave a note of thanks to all the attendees, speaker(me) for making the event a grand success. Even I thanked the audience for devoting their precious time for the event.

I received a good applause from all the students and teachers with numerous positive feedbacks. Almost all the attendees came personally to meet me after the event. My whatsapp, facebook messages were flooding with the appreciation by students. The happiness of getting my dream fulfilled and that too with huge success could not be described by mere words.

Here I have posted few amongst the many feedbacks,

Harshita Kotiyan

Hey, Seminar was really wonderful and information. Great work. I should actually thank you for organizing this as I was completely unaware of Mozilla and Open source. Really informative. Looking forward to work on it. Will let you know if any help needed.

Akash Agrawal

@amod… today’s session was just superb!!! experienced a very new flavor of technology with mozilla today.. will surely contriute to Mozilla

Ajit Junghare

Nice one, Amod. Don’t thank us. We should thank you for such a good seminar.

Smruti Phadke

Great work Amod. Thanks and congrats


Awesome work Amod.

Sarang Pathak

I agree with Ajit. Really useful event !

Vikram Jadhav

Amazing seminar. Thanks. I will try my level best to contribute.

Tanvi Shah

Good going Amod.

Chetan Ghodasara

Nice work. Keep it up.

Charusheela Patil

Keep it up. Nice work. I have spread the awareness amongst my friends and they are interested as well. They would contact you soon.

And this did happen. One of her friend contacted me the same day and actually asked me many avenues of contribution and expressed her interest to do the same.

Hence, I feel the first stage of the mission is accomplished. Even today, when I visit labs, canteen, I see many students approaching me expressing their desire to contribute. My next responsibility is to help them getting started with various domains of Mozilla. Hoping that this event would garner many newcomers to achieve a different recognition in their life making their career more prosperous.

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