MozCamp : a great experience !

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I always love blogging as it lets get me through the whole experience again. When I had visited Santa Clara for Mozilla Summit 2013 in October, I had thought that I would never get to experience such heaven in my life again. And to prove me wrong, I was invited to MozCamp Beta. It was organized under a fantastic theme : TRAIN the TRAINERS. The main objective was to teach the developers the community building, give them more insight into contribution areas and how they should behave (talk and spread awareness) to newcomers/developers about Firefox OS.

So, the journey began on June 20 where my flight was at 1:45 pm. I was extremely late and was on the verge of missing the flight. After running through the escalator and further 1 mile to reach the boarding gate, I luckily got through. That made me dam tired and I thought of rest after reaching hotel. But when I reached there, surprisingly, energy gushed into me making me fully charged. Ofcourse, the company of Manish, Dron, Sushant through the journey contributed to it. At the same time, the grandeur of 7-Star J. W. Marriot was the super-exciting feature. When I checked-in the room, I feel at the pinnacle of luxury. The rooms were super-duper lavish with all facilities. Then I met all Mozillians again (after MozSummit), discussed about our professional and personal lives feeling extremely ambient and magnanimous. The tasty dinner and desserts were waiting for us. After that, there was an unofficial meeting at 11.00 pm regarding the upcoming FFOS hackathon event at IIT Bombay. So, I went back at room by midnight, after a chit-chat with Dron (my room-mate), I went to bed (but my soul was still energized with the upcoming exuberance).

Pleasant Surprise : When I checked my email before going to sleep, I got a mail from Larissa Shapirao saying that my lightening talk is selected. I was in medley of excitement and tension. Tension because I was going to present in front of around 100 stalwarts, also the other 7 shortlisted were very much experienced and marvelous Mozillians.

June 21: From Morning Walk to Skype

I volunteered with Jafar to Co-ordinate morning walk around the Cubbon park. After a great breakfast, I headed towards the General session. It depicted the achievements attained by Firefox OS and also the goals for rest of the year. Then there was story telling session where we need to accumulate in a group of 3 and discuss our Mozilla stories. It followed with community building session where there were 5 arenas of contribution: MozCafe, MDN, Appmaker, Geolocation, FFOS App days. Then there was lunch, following to it was developer engagement session. There were many brain storming activities giving us an idea on how to promote the features and awareness of Firefox OS. That was all for the day regarding sessions. I was anxious to meet Larissa to discuss about the talk to held the following day. When I introduced myself to her, the immediate sentence she said was “yes. I only had shortlisted your talk. It is excellent” I felt really privileged. After that, I met Aniket, who is my friend since H.S.C. and had come specially to meet us. We went with him to Viswesvarya Museum and Mac Donalds to have a great time together. It was indeed a tiring day ended with talk a Skype-Talk with my parents describing all the fun.

June 22: From Lightning Fun to Wrap-Up

Lightning Talk was very . When I arrived at the stage, I was pretty nervous. But once I started the talk, things went on with the flow until the talk completed. I was very well appreciated by the audience following with few questions.  Then was the Developer Relations Session where Fred and Janet taught how to prepare for the talk, how to present the idea to the on-lookers. Everyone was suggested to give a talk for 2 minutes for which Fred personally gave feedback along with questions and suggestions from the other members. I found it a golden opportunity to improve myself, so participated in it. I would really try to work on the suggestions I received. After the lunch, was the wrap-up session with few games like kho-kho (I ran 3 rounds with least success :P). The wrap-up included a vote of thanks to all organizers and the contributors , because of whom, the event was a HUGE SUCCESS. I left the hotel and the event with heavy heart and with the aim of looking forward to meet such great people again.

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