An Era of Dangerous Living…

           It is almost impossible for us to locate a single day when newspapers don’t bear a news of any brutal activity taking place in the nation. Every now and then, a girl is either raped or molested or stabbed or harmed in some other way. If not this, then we have terrorists blasting off a part of the nation or beheading the faithful and sincere soldiers. If not even this, then there are numerous scams, scandals and other news of corruption for our further discontent. So has transformed the condition of India. Once a free spirited country, bound by water bodies in three directions, it has been subjected to mental siege, a paranoid mindset that has overtaken lives of millions of families. Post 2012, Indian mind is filled with dread and head is cocked for the sounds of bombs ripping the local trains or blasts overriding the peace and sanctity at Taj Hotel or the cries of helpless girls being tortured. A series of questions raid our minds. Why these dastardly activities go on multiplying day by day ? Who is responsible for all these ? According to me, three major factors are responsible.

          First, The Government of our country still believes in negotiations and non-violence. They don’t realize that at the heart of the matter is a core truth about non-violence and its ability to bring about change: it only works if the oppressive regime is also a moral one. This is something Mahatma Gandhi himself admitted; thus his success against the British empire or Martin Luther King Jr’s in his fight for desegregation. When that crucial quality is missing, non-violence is rendered toothless. In such circumstances, the options are either to continue a doomed struggle or to turn to means that might actually bring about positive change. It isn’t much of a choice.

          Second is the complete failure of law and order of our nation. Compare the measures taken by USA after the 9/11 attack and those taken by India after the 1993 blast. So great was George Bush cabal’s unsighted anger that it led to a catastrophic deviation of war into Iraq. There was no trace of another attack in a decade . Also Osama Laden was killed. The nation was successful because of their intelligent inputs and technological outputs. On the other hand, after 1993, 15 local attacks and 2 major attacks took place in India which were of much higher intensity than 1993. Terrorist surprise us because we are not able to surprise them and to surprise them, you need knowledge domain. And that cannot exist amongst a fragile law and order. We apply same measures every time. Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results next time is how Einstein defined insanity. Due to this, people have lost faith in Government. Faith is the first step when we don’t even see the whole staircase and once lost, it is difficult to retrieve.

         Third is our attitude towards the problems. Busy schedule keeps us completely away from society and nation. We totally neglect the crisis as if someone had un-paused the button, and the picture had begun to move again with this big difference. We never realize that Life hadn’t merely been muted, or on hold, it had been obliterated while the Scorsese scene had overpowered the screen. Unless and until we don’t bring back the same unity as it was during the revolt of 1857, we can’t expect the enemies to retreat. Till then we have to live in an era where woman fears to step out of the home at night, a single isolated bag at public place grips us with fear, inflation and corruption knows no bounds and a criminal is more secure behind bars. Hence this era can be termed as an Era of Living Dangerously.

3 thoughts on “An Era of Dangerous Living…

  1. Point 2 is wrong. Or rather, it misses the point. Point 2 says that our laws are poor, but that isn’t true at all. In fact, Indian laws are by far some of the most powerful set of laws to exist. Then why is this situation? It’s basically because of what you mentioned in point 3. Law Enforcement is also a job. Law enforcers don’t give a flying fuck about Justice. All they care about is money and comfort. This is the truth of India. Everybody is selfish, and that’s okay. But, add limited foresight and/or stupidity to that foresight, and you get the Indian situation.

    • Indian laws might be powerful but not powerful enough to curb all the inhuman activities. Irrespective of its powerful nature, rape cases are still prevailing, a criminal who destroys Mumbai lives secure in jail for 4 years. In short, criminals dont fear at all of the consequences. Such is the law and order.

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