Enter the Open Source World of Mozilla !

A simple and straight forward meaning of open source is ‘there is no concept of copyright ‘. Any developer from any part of the world can sneak in, make some useful contributions or invent something new from the existing and share it to the entire community.

When i came to know about open source, i was easily attracted to it since coding and debugging is my hobby and thought of giving it a try.

I came to know that things aren’t easy. One must have a lot of patience and must willing to learn all the time. The world of HTML,CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, Java is very vast and one must keep himself/herself updated with it. A moment of lethargy can land us too behind.

I thank all the mentors of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Moznet server who got me started. Prime amongst them are: David Rajchenbach-Teller [:Yoric], Mark Capella [:capella], Scott Johnson [:jwir3], Ms2ger and Josh Matthews [:jdm].

Currently I have pocketed few bugs and even completed a student project as well. I have also  been recently vouched as a MozillianRecently I have also become a Mozilla Representative of Mumbai.

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